• «Now we have new analysis models, metrics and scenarios that we did not work with before. The application allowed us to take a fresh look at the sales and our position in the market, as well as to see opportunities for growth»

    uvelka p        Sergei Kirpichenko, Uvelka Deputy Director of Development

  • «A huge advantage of Novo Forecast Enterprise is that it automatically chooses the best forecasting models in terms of accuracy. This dramatically increases the accuracy of the decisions and the speed of interaction with related departments»

    volma        Dmitrii Kravchenko, VOLMA Demand Planning Manager

  • «Speaking about the overall economic effect, it is at least hundreds of millions of rubles a year, given the scale of ALIDI's activity. The increased forecast accuracy allowed us to build more fruitful relationships with suppliers, raise customer satisfaction, as well as plan and build company internal processes more effectively»

    ALIDI FRIZEN      Dmitrii Frizen, ALIDI Deputy Director of Logistics

  • «The Novo Forecast system provided us with a sustainable competitive advantage and allowed us to optimize the company's work throughout the value-added chain. The first year of operating the system brought several dozens of millions of rubles»

    uvelka akimenko     Vladimir Akimenko, Deputy Director General of Logistics of the Generalskie kolbasy company

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Manufacturer of building materials

Оптимизация цепи поставок скоропортящейся продукции

Meat products manufacturer

Stationery Manufacturer

Furniture component supplier

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