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Process digitalization is applicable not only to individual enterprises, but to entire industries, which choose this trajectory as an opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing world. Thanks to that, the digital transformation of industry, retail, public sector, and other areas is already changing the lives of every person and every company. Novo BI solutions are at the forefront of this process and help businesses grow and scale.

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    Customer success stories

    • Food manufacturer

      The application allowed us to take a fresh look at the sales and our position in the market, as well as to see opportunities for growthAll solutions have been successfully implemented and today serve as one of the main tools for sales and marketing departments, as well as for Uvelka management.

      – Vitalii Zyablin, Uvelka CEO
    • Stationery manufacturer

      The system operation in 2017-2018 resulted in finding right solutions to the tasks: out-of-stock situations have reduced by 70%, the surplus stock has minimized, improved accuracy and timeliness of production orders has led to significant savings.

      – Mikhail Volevich, HATBER-M Chief Operating Officer
    • Furniture Material Supplier

      The provided solutions allowed us to significantly speed up decision-making and make a qualitative leap in our daily work. As a result, we calculate and make decisions on an order much quicker, the service level has increased, and the number of suppliers per manager has multiplied. The implementation cost paid off in a few months of operating the solutions.

      – Vitalii Vorobyov, Server Trading House General Director

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