"Generalskie kolbasy": perishable products forecasting

About the company

Generalskie kolbasy is one of the largest companies in the Volga Federal district of Russia. Over the years, the company has won many professional awards, earned the trust of partners, the respect of customers, and, most importantly, the love of millions of consumers. The company produces and sells a wide range of sausage products.  Today, the company's portfolio includes products of 3 brands: Generalskie kolbasy, Dym Dymych, Rossianka, traditional sausages, and meat delicacies. The company operates in 36 regions from the Crimea to the Urals.

Implementation effects

After implementing the forecasting system, the Generalskie kolbasy company received a powerful tool for calculating current sales forecasts on a daily basis, as well as for automatically issuing production orders, taking into account the stock balance, forecasts, goods in transit, and remaining shelf-life requirements imposed by retailers

In the Nоvo Forecast Enterprise system, the Generalskie kolbasy company's employees plan and agree on factors affecting the forecast accuracy. Employees of different departments are involved in a single management planning network: sales, marketing, logistics, production, and finance. 

"We work in a highly competitive market of perishable products, where the accuracy of the sales forecast and the speed of its calculating are crucial," said Vladimir Akimenko, Deputy Director General of Logistics of the Generalskie kolbasy company.

“We are sure that the Novo Forecast system will provide us with a sustainable competitive advantage and will allow us to optimize the company's work throughout the value-added chain. According to our estimates, the first year of operating the system will bring at least several dozens of millions of rubles."

Vladimir Akimenko, Deputy Director General of Logistics of the Generalskie kolbasy company.


  • Shortened report processing time (reduced number of marketers/analysts);
  • Neutralized "human factor, calculation error";
  • Improved report visualization and informativeness;
  • Increased speed and quality of decision-making.
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