Novo Forecast Enterprise

Digital system for supply chain optimization and integrated planning

Information Technologies in logistics

Logistics is impossible without application of information tools in business process management. Moreover, the improvement of logistics operations depends largely on IT. Technologies allow for the management of company resources: financial, human and non-human resources, intellectual assets and timing budgets. Time is the key to managing resources. It is the total float that determines the quality of logistics operations. Firstly, this is because there are customers in the market of logistics services who are sensitive to the order turnaround time. Secondly, it is explained by a significant reduction of the life cycle of goods and services.

Time is becoming one of the critical competitive factors dependent on information.

Novo Forecast Enterprise

A reliable, efficient and easy-to-use system that helps to enhance the quality of management decisions, avoid the surplus stock, significantly improve the level of customer service, as well as to solve the problem of negative float. The system assists companies in achieving maximum forecast accuracy and providing all departments with up-to-date coordinated plans on a daily basis.

Electronic coordination within a company

Easy integration with IT architecture

Automatic determination of factors

Цифровая платформа для оптимизации цепи поставок

Fast integration of NF Enterprise with the company's IT architecture

NF Enterprise seamlessly integrates with all popular business automation systems(1C, SAP, Dynamix AX). 

NF Enterprise is a flexible digital system, which is implemented in the existing IT architecture of a company with regard to the specifics of its business processes, financial means, growth prospects, and strategic plans.

Системы для автоматизации бизнеса
Интеграция Novo Forecast Enterprise

What is NF Enterprise designed for?

Integrated, collaborative and end-to-end planning

The system provides interaction not only between different departments of a company, but also different participants of a supply chain in the market. Thus, you always have coordinated up-to-date plans.

The system allows to make the sales plan flexible and keep the amount of stock just enough for the delivery period (in addition to the agreed reserve stock). It also helps to avoid OOS (out of stock), minimize OS (overstock), and reduce surplus stock. It speeds up business processes through a better allocation of responsibilities for a certain part of work and decision-making among employees.

Share and delimit responsibilities

The system allows presenting roles and responsibilities of departments in an integrated logistics structure. Each user has their own role according to its functions in the planning and forecasting process, so an employee can see only the data they need for work. All work results of an employee, as well as all system events, are stored for analysis: forecast project results, user actions, comments, and factors.

Visualization of the team's business processes

The system helps to increase the responsibility of each team member, clearly shows the team dynamics, trajectory, and compliance with the targets of all employees. It shows the work of a department to the internal client and partners.

Forecast automation

The digital system increases the speed of processes and forecast accuracy based on the analysis of large amounts of information. It takes into consideration a lot of factors (promotional activity, new products, listings, tenders, one-time orders, blocking, price changes and others) and each time uses a new mathematical model, which is the most suitable at a given time.

Fast coordination

Supply chain operations mean a huge number of documents. Sometimes it takes weeks to establish coordination within one company, not to mention between different companies. The system solves the issue of document reconciliation and associated costs. It guarantees the safety of your information, supply stability, and customer loyalty.

Information exchange

The system allows eliminate duplication of functions, improve communication and ensure the transparency of information, divide responsibilities and regulate the time of joining in the process among Sales, Supply Chain, Production Planning and other functions. It enables forecast exchange and facilitates coordination of the acceptable forecast for the parties concerned.

What are the advantages of Novo Forecast Enterprise?

Прозрачность цепи поставок

Supply chain transparency

Integrating logistics into supply chains allows for more transparent information exchange and, as a result, neutralization of irrational resource expenditure, optimization of stock levels, elimination of bottlenecks, as well as a consistent focus on optimization of the cost/service balance in a supply chain.

Быстрое внедрение NF Enterprise

Fast implementation

The NF Enterprise implementation period is about 4 months.
However, the first forecasts will be available 30 days after the start of the project implementation and ready for immediate application.

Стоимость проекта NF Enterprise

Flexible project pricing

The pricing is determined by the system configuration and functional set. Our prices are affordable compared to global vendors. Moreover, you can either buy a subscription for our product or purchase a lifetime license.

Демократизация данных

Data democratization

If you need to deploy a digital system in a cloud or local data store, NF Enterprise is the right solution.

Быстрая окупаемость

Fast return on investment

One of the important criteria when choosing Informational Technologies is the speed of return on investment. Fast return on investment is achieved through accurate forecasting and supply chain flexibility.

Техническая поддержка

Technical support

Our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist our customers.

Operations, such as data preparation and selection of forecast algorithms, are automated as much as possible

Mathematical algorithms are fully automated

Collaborative Web-server. Accessible from any device

Possibility of coordinating factors, notifications

Forecast and sales plan reconciliation (goals expressed in money, forecast estimated in items)

The system is easy to use, undemanding to resources

Сustomer success stories

  • «Now we have new analysis models, metrics and scenarios that we did not work with before. The application allowed us to take a fresh look at the sales and our position in the market, as well as to see opportunities for growth»

    uvelka p        Sergei Kirpichenko, Uvelka Deputy Director of Development

  • «A huge advantage of Novo Forecast Enterprise is that it automatically chooses the best forecasting models in terms of accuracy. This dramatically increases the accuracy of the decisions and the speed of interaction with related departments»

    volma        Dmitrii Kravchenko, VOLMA Demand Planning Manager

  • «Speaking about the overall economic effect, it is at least hundreds of millions of rubles a year, given the scale of ALIDI's activity. The increased forecast accuracy allowed us to build more fruitful relationships with suppliers, raise customer satisfaction, as well as plan and build company internal processes more effectively»

    ALIDI FRIZEN      Dmitrii Frizen, ALIDI Deputy Director of Logistics

  • «The Novo Forecast system provided us with a sustainable competitive advantage and allowed us to optimize the company's work throughout the value-added chain. The first year of operating the system brought several dozens of millions of rubles»

    uvelka akimenko     Vladimir Akimenko, Deputy Director General of Logistics of the Generalskie kolbasy company

Novo BI features comparison

Use the table below to help determine which collaboration, publishing, and consumption option is best for your organization.

Features Starter Advanced Leader
Data processing for forecasting
Forecasting using factors
Business process automation
Integrated planning
Forecast and sales plan coordination
User KPI
Finished product delivery planning
Finished product manufacture planning
Raw material procurement planning
Advanced analytics across the supply chain

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The awareness of logistic company management ensures such a rate of response to consumer demand that is necessary for today's market, as well as accuracy and completeness of orders, minimization of overstock and high intensity of business operations.

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