Novo Forecast Enterprise forecasting system integration into HATBER-M operational processes

About Hatber-M

HATBER-M (founded in 1996) is the leading Russian company in the production of stationery and paper goods for school: notebooks, albums, diaries, sketchpads, school backpacks and bags, stationery. The range of the company's own products includes more than 7000 items, while the annual turnover exceeds 18 thousand tons. The company supplies products throughout Russia. The company's strategic customers are Russian Post, Magnit, Auchan, X5 Retail Group, Detsky Mir, FIX Price, METRO and other national retailers.

Implementation effects

In 2016, the company decided to introduce an automated system for sales and stock planning in order to improve production and sales cycle management. As a result, HATBER-M opted for the Novo Forecast Enterprise product by Novo BI.

"We were looking for a supplier of an effective forecasting solution, who would be able to integrate this technology into the company's production processes," says Mikhail Volevich, HATBER-M Chief Operating Officer. "A high percentage of our products have a limited life cycle, for example, calendars. Traditional forecasting methods do not work there."

"Novo Forecast Enterprise functionality, which automatically creates forecasting groups to improve forecast accuracy at the SKU level, perfectly met our needs. I also appreciated the system's ability to automatically select the most accurate mathematical model for each forecasting group."

Mikhail Volevich, HATBER-M Chief Operating Officer

The system operation in 2017-2018 resulted in finding right solutions to the tasks: out-of-stock situations have reduced by 70%, surplus stock has minimized, improved accuracy and timeliness of production orders has led to significant savings. "We plan to continue using the system on a regular basis, as well as expanding and developing its functionality. I would like to thank my colleagues for such a good product and its implementation within the agreed time frame," concludes Mikhail Volevich.

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