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Magic Quadrant is a large-scale comprehensive research conducted on an annual basis by Gartner, a large research and advisory company. This research demonstrates the latest market trends and evaluates information systems. Gartner ranks vendors within a particular IT market, BI-systems market in particular. Each BI-system is rated according to their Ability to execute and Completeness of vision. Magic Quadrant provides a graphical positioning of four types of technology providers: Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries, and Niche Players.
It is the ninth year in a row that Qlik has fallen into the Leaders section of the Magic Quadrant.
Квадратн Gartner
Mагический квадрант Gartner

Data preparation

Import from different sources

You can import data from the most well-known databases and services using various file formats. Smart data upload helps users of any level to easily upload and merge data from different sources.

Open APIs

Open APIs enable developers to create special governed analytics applications, embed analytics in web pages and workflow applications, and create new types of visualizations and analytics to meet the requirements of a particular business.

Infrastructure flexibility

If you need a cloud and/or local data storage, Qlik Sense is the right solution.

Associative model

One of the Qlik product features is the built-in ability to display all associations between data without end-user intervention. Visual representation of the associations between data enables to assess the cause-and-effect relationship that affects the company business processes.

Visualization and Analytics

Interactive visualization

If you think that the existing chart does not meet your analysis needs, you can choose another visualization option from the list that Qlik Sense selects based on your data analysis.

Smart search

Smart search is the Qlik Sense global search tool enabling you to search the entire data set in your application from any sheet in the application. The search results help you to find associations and make selections in your data.

Data Storytelling

Qlik Sense provides the Data Storytelling flexible tool for turning data discoveries into stories. Make your presentation more captivating with the help of dynamic snapshots of your discovered data.

Insight advisor

Follow the useful advice and recommendations of the AI Insight advisor to analyze data more deeply and identify the patterns that might go unnoticed. Insight advisor's tips on advanced analytics will lead your team to the right business solutions.


  • Unleash the potential of your data
    Use the associative model to identify associations between data and discover hidden trends affecting your business.

  • Increase efficiency
    Synchronize the work of your team. Enable all users within and outside your company to see the data (including interactive reports) without having to purchase licenses for individual users.

  • Stay ahead of the competitors
    React timely to any changes in your company and be the first to offer customers favorable terms based on Qlik Sense analytics.

Unleash the potential of your data with Qlik Sense
Qlik Sense analytics
  • Save your time
    Once downloaded, the data will be permanently available for further analytical work.

  • Keep your ear to the ground
    Track your company activity from any device. Access local data stored on SQL Server or data in the cloud.

  • Reduce costs
    Get an innovative business-analytics solution within your budget.


Qlik Sense is based on an associative model, which automatically links all connected data sources. Having uploaded data to the application, the user can immediately begin to visualize and analyze, using both the built-in capabilities of the platform, including visualization tips, and our add-ins. Applications allow you to work with your data independently, without the help of internal or external IT contractors.

Examples of analytical reports Qlik Sense

Marketing and sales

 Examples of analytical financial reports


 Examples of analytical reports


  • Marketing and sales

    Examples of analytical reports:

    • Performance analysis based on selected products and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
    • Procurement structure of the existing customers
    • Effectiveness of promotions
    • Nielsen Analytics
    • Market shares of competitors (EDADEAL)
    • Product range and sales development potential analysis (by items)
    • LFL analysis by key indicators to determine the reasons for the growth and fall in sales
    • Products ranking based on various metrics
    • Sales per outlet to set goals on product rotation and range development
    • Key indicators for secondary sales – number of customers, SKU, average monthly sales, sales in rubles and items, average number of SKU per outlet, price in RUB, markup, margin in RUB and percentage, share from the selected metric (in percentage)
    • Regular customers – comparison with occasional customers by key indicators – sales funnel analysis
    • Product range and development potential analysis
    • Customers – key indicators in terms of sales structure + customer ranking by indicators: monthly sales in RUB per 1 SKU, regularity, working months
    • Sales structure – key indicators for sales sectors and sales staff
    • Prices and commodity bundle/sales matching
    • Sales staff performance and development potential analysis
    • Retail life cycle and sales funnels to formulate and develop recommendations for working with customers
    • Primary and secondary sales in dynamics and by various indicators
  • Finance

    Examples of analytical reports:

    • Budget revenue and expenditure analytics and control 
    • Cash flow analytics and control
    • Liquidity analytics and control
    • Accounts Receivable (AR) analytics and control
    • Accounts Payable (AP) analytics and control
    • Stock and finished product analytics and control
    • Contract analytics and control
    • Credit portfolio analytics and control
    • Profitability operational analysis. Profitability control on the levels of customers, products, branches within specified time periods and compared with the selected base period
    • Investment project analytics: project evaluation by key financial indicators (NPV, IRR, Payback Period). Budgets, deadlines and investment project progress control
  • Procurement

    Examples of analytical reports: 

    • Production process efficiency analysis
    • Procurement analysis and supply chain visualization
    • QMS visualization and analysis
    • Machine load analysis
    • Warehouse work analysis
    • Product review analytics
    • Complaints
    • Staff analysis

Explore Novo BI customer success stories

  • Food manufacture

    The application allowed us to take a fresh look at the sales and our position in the market, as well as to see opportunities for growthAll solutions have been successfully implemented and today serve as one of the main tools for sales and marketing departments, as well as for Uvelka management.

    – Vitaly Vladimirovich Zyablin, Uvelka CEO
  • Stationery manufacture

    The system operation in 2017-2018 resulted in finding right solutions to the tasks: out-of-stock situations have reduced by 70%, the surplus stock has minimized, improved accuracy and timeliness of production orders has led to significant savings.

    – Mikhail Volevich, HATBER-M Chief Operating Officer
  • Furniture Material Supplier

    The provided solutions allowed us to significantly speed up decision-making and make a qualitative leap in our daily work. As a result, we calculate and make decisions on an order much quicker, the service level has increased, and the number of suppliers per manager has multiplied. The implementation cost paid off in a few months of operating the solutions.

    – Vitaly Vorobyov, Server Trading House General Director

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