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The partnership is a great opportunity to develop interesting new directions for your business. Together we provide an impressive value proposition for customers

When you join Novo Bi Partnership, you join a training and support ecosystem with the power to help you gain unmatched expertise in your field and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Join us in a strategic partnership to unchain potential!

Why Partner with Novo BI?

  • We understand the importance of delivering and supporting integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions that bring unparalleled value to customers. That’s why we partner with industry-leading system integrators and consulting companies to deliver the most complete and effective solutions for today’s complex business networks.

  • We provide training for using our solutions.

  • We provide marketing support within our information resources.

  • Build sales, marketing, and technical capabilities with our support.

  • Our leading, disruptive technologies enable our partners to provide credibility to customers, improve competitive advantage and increase sales.

  • By partnering with us, firms can use our supply chain optimization system to advise customers and drive large projects.

Partnership with Novo BI is one of the possible factors for increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Take advantage of everything Novo BI has to offer to discover new business opportunities and bring greater value to your customers.

  • Take advantage of Novo BI products as an opportunity to connect with senior executives who decide to purchase a system to optimize your business.
  • After the first month of use, users get convincing economic indicators.
  • Our solutions are scalable with high availability.





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Our partners choose the level and type of interaction that best suits their business model. Novo BI recognizes the merits of partners who have invested time and resources in building significant experience with specific Novo BI products and solutions.

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